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Traditional Liqueur Infusion

Sweet Kalahari Date Liqueur

Handcrafted liqueur made with our purest double distilled, Oak matured Postill Brandy, infused with the sweetest Green Kalahari Dates grown on the estate. Cold-settled and only filtered once to retain as much flavour as possible.

Nature's Sweets

The consistent Green Kalahari sunshine brings out the best from the Medjool Date, offering a unique fruit that not only tastes great but is high in antioxidants, high in vitamins and nutrients, high in potassium and full of pure fruit sugar. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, over ice cream or a delicious baked pudding, such as a traditional South African Malva Pudding.

Alcohol (ABV)
Volume (mL)
Serving Temp (°C)
Bezalel Estate Sweet Kalahari Date LiqueurSouth African Craft Spirit

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