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Bezalel VSOP Potstill Brandy

Double-distilled - "Very Superior Old Potstill" Brandy - matured for a minimum of 6 years in small French Oak barrels. "Intricately layered on the nose, unapologetically robust on the palate, yet seductively smooth on the swallow..."

Patience. Rewarded.

With 6 years of maturation offering a slightly smoother sip than usual and a pronounced taste of dried peaches and roasted nuts dominating Lot 32 of our VSOP offering. Hints of vanilla and orange peel, framed by sweet and spicy raisin on the nose.

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Bezalel Estate VSOP Pure Potstill BrandySouth African Craft Spirit

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One thought on “Bezalel Estate VSOP Pure Potstill Brandy”

  1. Alastair brandyandginger
    Wednesday, 29 December 2021 15:48

    From the flood plains of the Orange River in the Northern Cape, comes a 5 year old potstill gem, unlike any other out there.

    Nose:  4/5
    Cigar Box, Raisins and dried fruit roll.
    Taste:  7/10
    Earthy minerality, strong charcoal smoke and hints of liquorice.
    Finish: 8/10
    Very dry, lingering charcoal and soft swallow.

    Conclusion. An very smooth potstill brandy for its age, and absolutely unique in its charcoal minerality. Definitely one to try.

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