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Traditional Liqueur Infusion

Classic Espresso Liqueur

"A handcrafted liqueur made with our purest, double-distilled, Potstill Brandy - infused over an extended period with quality imported Arabica Coffee beans from Southern Africa. Only filtered once for Maximum Flavour."

the kalahari broffie

"Boeretroos with a kick", "Polisie Koffie", or as many know it, the "Kalahari Broffie" - This dark, sweet and lively combination of Brandy & Coffee pays homage to this age old combination that warmed many a frontiersman during the cold deserts nights in the Green Kalahari region of South Africa. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, over ice-cream, or straight into your coffee.

Alcohol (ABV)
Volume (mL)
Serving Temp (°C)
Bezalel Estate Classic Brandy Espresso LiqueurSouth African Craft Spirit

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