Our Distillery Range

Bezalel Estate VSOP Pure Potstill Brandy

Double-distilled - "Very Superior Old Potstill" Brandy - matured for a minimum of 6 years in small French Oak barrels. "Intricately layered on the nose, unapologetically robust...

Bezalel Estate's Indigenous Rooibos-wooded Brandy Packaging

Bezalel Estate Rooibos Potstill Brandy

The Original - Rooibos Wooded, Double-distilled - Potstill Brandy - matured for a minimum of 5 years in small French Oak barrels and wooded with indigenous South African Rooibo...

Bezalel Estate Classic Brandy Espresso Liqueur

"A handcrafted liqueur made with our purest, double-distilled, Potstill Brandy - infused over an extended period with quality imported Arabica Coffee beans from Southern Africa....

Bezalel Estate Sweet Kalahari Date Liqueur

Handcrafted liqueur made with our purest double distilled, Oak matured Postill Brandy, infused with the sweetest Green Kalahari Dates grown on the estate. Cold-settled and only ...

Strawberry Daiquiri Liqueur

A modern twist on an old classic. This traditional style liqueur captures the beloved flavours of a Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail in a sweet and tangy Liqueur that is amazing ne...
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