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Bezalel's Kitchen has created six delicious Canapes, inspired by traditional local dishes, that showcases the wide variety and spectrum of flavours available from our range of Boutique Estate Wines and pure Potstill Brandies. Enjoy a fun and informative pairing experience with the winemaker in our gardens or cellar. Includes Sit-down pairing and tasting of six products, paired with six individual Canapes.

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Enjoy a formal tasting of our purest Potstilled Brandies, Traditional Spirit products, and daring Infusions, that includes a detailed look at their production methods and the history of distillation in South Africa and the rest of the World. Includes a tour of the Distillery and Maturation Cellars, Welcome Drink and Sit-down Tasting of our distilled products.

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Book a full Tasting Experience with the winemaker and enjoy a formal sit-down tasting in our Maturation Cellars. Discover our range of boutique wines and learn about the many things that make them so special. Learn how this influences our brandies and enjoy a unique barrel tasting followed by something sweet and something Spicy! Includes a full tasting experience, Welcome Drink, and Cheese & Preserve Platter.  

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