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Fynbos Wooded Brandy

Double-distilled - Potstill Brandy - matured for a minimum of 5 years in small French Oak barrels and wooded with South African indigenous Rooibos.

"a truly South African brandy with an unforgettable first whiff, dominated by caramel and intense orange peel on the nose... dark chocolate, orange and smokey spice on the palate, followed by a hint of lingering rooibos"


250 & 500 ML AVAILABLE

Now availble in a slimline bottle with tamper-evident closures and drip-catcher inserts - Bottled in 250 & 500 ML volumes.
  • 250 & 500 ML AVAILABLE

    Now availble in a slimline bottle with tamper-evident closures and drip-catcher inserts - Bottled in 250 & 500 ML volumes.

Tradition. Reimagined.

Matured using Oak and Rooibos wood. Matured for a minimum of 5 years in small French Oak barrels.
  • Limited 500 unit production

    LOT #: 32V1RB117

    With 6 years of maturation offering a slightly smoother sip than usual and a pronounced taste of dried peaches and roasted nuts dominating Lot 32 of our VSOP offering. Infused with oak and fynbos wood chips for additional maturation, bringing forth new and exciting flavours.

    Alcohol Content: 38% by volume.
    Available in: 500, 250 & 50 Mililitre packaging.

    Best Enjoyed: Slightly chilled, Neat - with a mixer or as part of an exciting cocktail.

  • Integrated Local


    Our Estate produced base wine is distilled at constantly rising temperatures, using traditional Copper Pot Stills to extract first a low-wine, followed by a clear grape spirit, using the double-distillation method practiced locally and internationally for hundreds of years. 

    This fiery spirit, known traditionally as "the Water of Life", is then softened through a slow maturation process in small, imported French Oak barrels. This process develops the hidden characteristics and flavours available in the base spirit - whilst losing some of the more volatile components through natural evaporation over many years.

    A concentrated, dark-amber Brandy is extracted, adjusted to 38% alcohol by volume, infused with oak and fynbos wood chips before being cold settled and filtered.

  • Locally Produced


    Produced from a unique selection of Estate grown grapes harvested by hand in the early mornings of February, through April of each year. Grapes are sorted during harvest, with the more acidic bunches being selected for base wine production. A naturally high pH helps to keep the juice healthy after crush, without the need for additional preservatives such as sulphites.

    10-12 Days of Cold Primary Fermentation, followed by a warmer secondary fermentation offering up the building blocks of each new lot. Roughy 50% of this base wine comes from Colombard grapes with the rest being made up of Sauv Blanc & Gewurztraminer, with a prominent component of red grape juice from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tinta Barocca, with the juice removed from the grape skins almost immediately after crush.

    Blended & Distilled in 1200 Litre batches throughout a three month period.

  • Central Orange River


    The majority of our grapes are grown on Dyasonsklip, in the fertile flood-plains of the Orange River Valley, snaking its way through the Northern Cape province, in a region known as the Green Kalahari of South Africa. The Estate's vineyards are situated in an area overlapped by three major geographic regions of Southern Africa - the Kalahari-basin, the Namaqualand, and the Karoo. Mineral-rich granite bedrock from ancient lava-flows reshaped by catastropic geological events and natural erosion over many years. Covered in ever changing layers of alluvial top-soils, gathered from a 1,268,535 km² catchment area and deposited next to the banks of the mighty Orange River as it breaches its banks in a natural flood cycle. 

    With the Kalahari Desert right next-door, the vineyards receive mostly hot desert winds with some relief coming from the cold West Coast during Spring. Semi-arid conditions only offers 112mm of rain per year, with extremely hot summer days and below freezing winter nights.

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